Wave Blasters of Florida


~Home of the 2011 NAMBA FE Nationals~

Attention Club Members: We will have Test and Tune on non race weekends. Please be sure to check with Rick to see if he will be available or to make arrangements to pick up the fetch boat.


Please see our links for Fast Electric Rules...get your boat ready and come racing!
 We now include the New Aquacraft Revolt as a legal  boat in our SV racing.
 All Stock class boats must use a AQ plastic prop.

SV27, SV27R, Revolt - Stock Rules

SV27, SV27R, Revolt - Modified Rules 

P-Spec. Offshore rules

1/10 Scale Vintage & Modern Rules

Race Standings
UPDATED 4-17-13

P-Spec. Offshore

Early Birds SV

SV Stock

SV Modified

Frank Pattersons aka Alfalfa Cracker Box

    Looks like Mr Hebner needs a little repair on his 1/10 scale Exeutone

Check out our photos from the 
2011 NAMBA FE Nationals!

Ron and Bob discussing what division Jerry Morton's new Thunder Boat 
U-60 Miss Thriftway should go into ?
Scale or Fast Electric ?

Rick Workman's Scratch built 27"WhipAss


East meets West

         Terry Cowger Jr and Richie from RICO BOATS 

Steve and the boys from OSE getting ready for another heat at the 2011 Nationals

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